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Directory - North West England

Our psychic directory is made up of independent psychics, mediums and healers that have chosen to be listed with us.  Coming from all walks of life and each having their own individual skills and way of working provides a unique source of intuitive professionals. 

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Ashton-in-Makerfield Psychic Medium Chris

Ashton in Makerfield’s Psychic Medium, Chris has been sensing spirit since he was a child. Gripped with fear back then, he would often hide under his duvet, until a dream he had came true as a teenager. From this moment, Chris began to slowly unlock his ability to connect with the spirit world. Embarking on a journey that has seen Chris go from attending his first ghost hunt to now a prof...read more

Blackpool - Psychic Medium, Lavinia

Blackpool - Romany Clairvoyant, Lavinia has worked on Blackpool South Shore Promonade for the last 40 years. Giving palm, tarot and crystal ball readings to many people in her iconic booth on the famous promanade. Using her psychic skills, Lavinia can read your palm to enlighten you about many aspects of...read more

Bolton Spiritual Medium, Rod

Bolton’s Spiritual Medium Rod has been seeing spirit since early childhood. He now works to deliver messages from the Spirit World back to his sitters and audiences here on the Earth Plane.  As a psychic, Rod can travel through your past and into your present before revealing what you future may hold.  Rod also works with tarot to bring his one to one sitters an extra...read more

Burnley- Psychic Medium, Andrea

Burnley - Burnley’s Psychic Medium, Andrea began her spiritual journey around 20 years ago. Andrea suffered a near death experience, but it was during this experience, that she encountered her first connection with angels. To this day, Andrea still connects with Angels and this can be seen in her An...read more

Crewe - Psychic Medium, Emma

Crewe - Psychic Medium, Emma has been connecting with spirit for over 15 years, since childhood. Following guidance from another psychic, Emma began working with tarot and mediumship delivering readings to others. Attending development circles has enabled Emma to grow as a psychic medium. As a psychic, Em...read more

Decisions to make? Ask our team for guidance

Are you in need of guidance for Love? Relationship? Career? Or a message from your loved ones? Have a text reading from Psychic Medium Dean James Fox’s psychic team.
Psychic Medium Dean James Fox is one of the UK’s best known Psychic Mediums, and we are delighted to be able to offer psychic readings dire...read more

Fleetwood - Spiritual Reader, Shirley

Fleetwood – Spiritual Reader, Shirley has been connecting to the spirit world since she was 14. Shirley now uses her mediumship skills to deliver messages to you from your loved ones in the Spirit World. As a psychic, Shirley can journey through your past which can bring her sitters understanding an...read more

Manchester - Psychic Medium, Lily-May

Manchester’s Psychic Medium, Lilly-May has been connecting with the spirit world for over 30 years. Coming from a family of highly spiritual female mediums, Lilly May now works to bring you messages from your loved ones in spirit. Seeking to bring you comfort and love in reconnecting you with passed...read more

Manchester Psychic Medium, Graham

Manchester’s Spiritual Medium, Graham began working spiritually a few years ago after experiencing a near death situation. It was after this event, that Graham says, ‘spirit moved in to work with me’. With this ability, he now works to bring others closer to spirit too. Using his oracle cards for a higher level of connectivity and depth to his his readings, Graham can guide yo...read more

Manchester Psychic Medium, Jason

Manchester’s Psychic Medium, Jason has been connecting with the spirit world since childhood.  Following in his Great Grandmother’s footsteps, who worked with spirit during World War 1, Jason says ‘spirit is my life, it’s all I want to do’. Jason offers either a psychic reading, whereby he can delve into what your future may hold using various techniques. Or,...read more

Manchester Psychic Medium, Sara

Manchester’s Psychic Medium Sara, may have only been working as a professional Psychic Medium for a few years, but her resume now boasts readings for UK and International clients, demonstrations of mediumship, charity events as well as readings parties.  As a Psychic, Sara can venture into your past and your present to help bring an understanding of where you have been and why.&...read more

Stalybridge - Psychic Medium, Megan

Stalybridge - Psychic Medium, Megan offers spiritual and psychic readings. In her one to one readings she offers spirit connection, card readings, crystal ball readings and psychometry. From childhood, Megan had a heightened intuition and sensitivity to energy. This gift developed as she encountered more...read more