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Directory - South East

Our psychic directory is made up of independent psychics, mediums and healers that have chosen to be listed with us.  Coming from all walks of life and each having their own individual skills and way of working provides a unique source of intuitive professionals. 

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Psychic Medium, Claire - Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes - Psychic Medium Claire has never known life without the spirit world in it. From being a toddler she has seen spirits saying “it’s been a blessing and at times a curse”. With a history of psychics and mediums in her family, Claire is what’s called a natural psychic/m...read more

Chessington - Healer, Martyn

Chessington - Healer, Martyn descends from an impressive ancestry of Romany Gypsy Psychic Mediums. Martyn prides himself on being able to help his clients, particularly in difficult times as he aims to unlock the key to resolve their problems. Martyn is skilled and experienced in delivering meditations as...read more

Chessington - Psychic Medium, Martyn

Chessington -  Psychic Medium, Martyn descends from an impressive ancestry of Romany Gypsy Psychic Mediums. Martyn prides himself on being able to help his clients, particularly in difficult times as he aims to unlock the key to resolve their problems. Using his Tarot Martyn will use the cards to gui...read more

Cranleigh - Psychic Reader, Sharon

Cranleigh Psychic Tarot Reader and teacher Sharon has worked with the tarot since the 1970s. She comes from a family of spiritually gifted women and and was naturally drawn to the tarot whilst a student. She loves giving readings and takes great pleasure in seeing her clients leave feeling uplifted and wi...read more

Eastbourne - Psychic Medium, Eve

Eastbourne’s Psychic Medium, Eve has a vast amount of experience working with the spirit world. Eve’s gift has been present since childhood and this had led to a successful career spanning over 40 years. From TV appearances to writing celebrity predictions for a national magazine, Eve is a tru...read more

Essex - Psychic Medium, Valerie

Essex -  Psychic Medium, Valerie has been connecting to the spirit world from the age of six. Working professionally now to bring you messages from loved ones in spirit back to you here on the earth plane. Valerie is able to see and hear spirit, and she takes great pleasure and happiness in being gif...read more

Hampshire - Psychic Medium, Dawn

Hampshire -  Psychic Medium, Dawn offers guidance and support on many aspects of life such as relationships, careers and making major decisions. Dawn ensures her sitters feel supported and leave the session feeling more confident in knowing where they have been, and where they are headed. Using her p...read more

Hemel Hempstead- Psychic Medium, Julie

Hemel Hempstead’s Psychic Medium Julie is a third generation Clairvoyant Psychic Medium who has been connecting with the spirit world and offering Tarot readings for many years.  During her Tarot or Angel readings, Julie focusses on your current situations and possible...read more

Hounslow - Psychic Medium, Beverley

Hounslow - Psychic Medium, Beverley has been connecting to the spirit world from a very young age. As a psychic, Beverley can bring you understanding about your past and present as well as enlighten you about your future pathways. With her tarot cards to help deliver you extra levels of connection and dep...read more

London - Psychic Medium, Carole

London’s Psychic Medium, Carole has been connecting with the Spirit World since childhood. Although she didn’t really engage with what she was hearing until the passing of her own sister who was only 18, and even then, Carole ‘turned the voices’ off until she felt she needed answers. Carole’s conversations with spirit allow her to relive their stories and memories,...read more

London - Psychic Medium, Chris

London - Psychic Medium and Healer, Christine Jo Hart is a well-known and highly respected Psychic Medium. Working for some high-profile clients around the world, ranging from Royalty, to celebrities and Media giants. Christine’s psychic abilities allow her to read auras and to take a look both at y...read more

Milton Keynes - Psychic Medium, Donna

Milton Keynes - Psychic Medium and Spiritual Counsellor, Donna, has 15 years’ experience of connecting to the spirit world. Donna’s gift was present as a child, when she was visited by her grandmother before the family were even aware of her passing over to the spirit world. Donna can connect...read more

Need Guidance?

Are you in need of guidance for Love? Relationship? Career? Or a message from your loved ones? Have a text reading from Psychic Medium Dean James Fox’s psychic team.
Psychic Medium Dean James Fox is one of the UK’s best known Psychic Mediums, and we are delighted to be able to offer psychic readings dire...read more

Psychic Reader, Kirsty - Gillingham

Gillingham -  Psychic Reader, Kirsty connects with you both empathetically and intuitively, providing deep insight for her sitters. Using her tarot cards as a tool to help guide you through a particular situation or to help answer a question, Kirsty can reveal possible pathways to help you reach your...read more

Rayleigh - Psychic Medium, Patricia

Rayleigh - Psychic Medium and Author, Patricia has been connecting to the spirit world since childhood, and now has over 40 years of working professionally as a medium. Patricia’s career has provided her with many amazing experiences, including being the first medium to ever appear on ‘The Big...read more

Winchester - Music Therapist, Alistair

Winchester - Music Therapist Healer Alistair began his journey as a Healing Music Therapist following a near death experience, and now is continuing to follow his path as a light worker and celebrates all who journey with him. He offers healing meditation with Music and Mandalas which is designed to help...read more

Winchester - Music Therapist, Meta

Winchester - Music Therapist Healer Meta was born into a very spiritually aware and astute family who, as she grew up challenged her to think and look beyond the realms of the earth plane. Meta is also a therapeutic harp practitioner and works with resonance and vibration energy. She is able to work with...read more

Worthing - Psychic Medium, Mirium

Worthing’s Psychic Medium, Miriam has been connecting with spirit since she was young. Her passion as a medium for enabling her clients to improve their lives by bringing them guidance and messages from passed loved ones is at the centre of her work. As a psychic and clairvoyant, Miriam will help yo...read more