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Aquarius Horoscope For Aug 2020

Aquarius your FREE horoscope for the month of August 2020
Relationship and career outlook and what is in store for you.

Month Overview:

You are in the middle of a transformation or metamorphosis. You are leaving your old self behind and now transforming into the REAL you. Someone who doesn’t care what others think-at all! It will be uncomfortable and messy, but don’t worry it is a very important step in your soul journey here on Earth. You are meant to be the real you. You are meant to show your uniqueness and all its’ glory for the world to see. Believe it or not you will actually inspire others to do the same.


You are being asked to follow your intuition. No more getting caught up in your past defeat. Your inner feeling really can guide you in the right direction regarding love. stay out of your mind. It’s just not helpful with love and romance. 

The overall feeling you have is that you’re locked in, or locked down to your current career path. This is NOT true. You are NEVER stuck. This is an illusion you need to erase forever. You are the one with the key and can unlock your chains at any time. 

Signs to look out for
Lions, the infinity symbol, pentacles (if you read tarot), gold coins, crowns, and anything that reminds you of royalty or personal power. This is a clear message and reminder for you to step back into YOUR power.