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Aquarius Horoscope For Jan 2021

Aquarius - Your FREE horoscope 

Relationship and career outlook and what is in store for you.


Month Overview

June is all about creativity and new ideas finally coming to fruition. It is a time for action. Right now, you embody witch/warlock energy. You can create anything you desire. Add all of the necessary ingredients into your caldron to create your personal magic elixir. Do you want more abundance? Add that. Are you searching for more loving relationships? Add that. Do you want to increase your psychic abilities? Add that. Do you want to purchase a new car? Add that too! You are the magical manifestor this month so don’t procrastinate and let this energy pass you by.



June ushers in the energy of purity which breathes new life and healing into your current relationships. You will now be filled with acceptance, understanding and compassion for yourself and your partner. If you’re single then you will attract a healed and high vibe partner. One that doesn’t need to do much shadow work or soul searching because they are already very self-aware. Your thoughts are amplified this month so make sure to stay positive and your communication with the divine is also heightened. A great crystal to work with this month is clear quartz. 



This month is calling for you to peer inward. To be more self-aware, to be more open to new possibilities and experiences when it comes to your career. Open up to new avenues of employment. You can finally start that side business you always wanted, or you can take a leap of faith and switch to a career that isn’t “mainstream”. Either way try something new. It just may set you onto the path that you were always meant to follow. Playing it safe will continue to keep you from living the life that you always wanted. 


Signs to look out for

The universe will be sending you signs through nature. You will see butterflies, fairies, your favourite flower, cardinals, and even rainbows. Whatever crosses your path will be significant and meaningful to you. I recommend keeping track of what you come across by keeping a journal to refer back to.