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Aquarius Horoscope For July 2020

Aquarius Your FREE horoscope for the month of July 2020
Relationship and career outlook and what is in store for you.

Month Overview
Sometimes Aquarius, as hard as it is, you must put your hands up and say you were wrong.  It feels like there’s something brewing with other family members and this needs to be addressed.  There’s no shame in being wrong, we learn from it.  Your gut instinct is so strong that usually you are right, but when you’re not, it’s difficult to accept.  Communication is key for you in July, so be mindful of the words you use and how you use them.  You may feel tingling in the throat chakra as small blocks are being cleared for you, this will help open the energy for clearer, more positive words.  It can be hard for you to forgive those that have done wrong to you in the past, but sometimes we need to forgive others, so we, ourselves can move on.  Try not to get to entangled with arguments or disagreements within the family. Because you’re such a great ally to have onside, others can, and will try to get you involved to  fight their corner, but as you know from experience, it’s really not worth it. Leave them to it!

As in everything else, communication is key in relationships too.  Have you and your partner had the chance to really talk to each other lately?  Are you both still wanting the same things in life? Take advantage of your strong communication skills in July and have a good heart to heart with each other.  Also, talk to them about any business ideas you have as they could give some very valid input.  
Singletons, now is the month for you to be contacting potential lovers. No more sitting about waiting for them to contact you, you’re in the driving seat!  You may find that words are there without you realising it and when you open your mouth you’ve said it.  Don’t be worried, this is all happening for a reason! Those times you may have missed out on love because you couldn’t find the right words or express them how you need to, are now behind you.

Those of you in management roles may find that your communication with the team is strong and making a positive impact in the work place. Your motivating, focused and supporting those around you so they are able to flourish in their role. Those not in management may find that you feel the need to communicate with your manager on a deeper level.  Perfect time to bring to the table any issues or concerns you have within your role now you are being listened to.   Any ideas you haven’t felt confident to bring up before may fly out your mouth before you realise! Go with it! Trust yourself to speak up and be heard.  Just be tactful and considerate and you won’t regret it. Some of you may find that a new role in teaching or training would be a good move for you.
Some of you may be finding the confidence to set up your own business or trade in July.   Creativity is busy around you, so be sure to brainstorm any ideas you have as much as possible.  Don’t hold back or ignore anything coming to mind. Everything needs to go down on the paper so nothing is missed.  You may be unsure whether to go alone or with a business partner, go with your gut! 

Sings to look for
Blue is a good colour for you in July as it’s the colour of the throat chakra.  Butterflies are around you a lot, look for the blue ones.  These beautiful creatures are a sign you’re on the right path and that you’re doing the best you can. The letter M is strong for you in July so be guided by that.  You may find yourself a little too sensitive to the full moon energy at the beginning of the month and this may leave you feeling a little out of sorts. Drink lots of water and do plenty of grounding and it will pass. Birds are bringing signs for you. Look out for the 2 robins by the pink rose bush, as loved ones in spirit come to say hello.  Be sure to acknowledge them. You may get an inkling to make contact with someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time, pick up the phone. They may need a friend.