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Scorpio Horoscope For July 2020

Scorpio Your FREE horoscope for the month of July 2020
Relationship and career outlook and what is in store for you.

Month Overview
So Scorpio, can you bite that tongue of yours, because July is all about testing your patience, whether it be work, love or friendships.  How often have you been a shoulder for someone to cry on, yet when you need them, they’re nowhere to be seen? How many times have you stayed late at work to help others, yet when you ask everyone’s too busy?  Are you always going that extra mile to help others? Well you may find after July that is no longer the case.  Unfortunately, at times, people will take and take and not give anything back, and July seems to unveil that to you. Don’t overthink it, it happens.  Carry on being the person you are and trust that the universe will be sure to repay you for all you have done.  Don’t take it to heart too much, it’s not personal, just a reminder that sometimes people can be in their little bubble and not see what others are going through. No doubt you have done that too at some point.  Just be mindful to engage your brain before you open your mouth at times, as once those words are out, you can’t take them back!

Those of you in a relationship in July may be wanting to find reassurance from your partner.  With the feelings left by other people around you, insecurities may start to niggle at you.  July would be a good month for you to discuss your future plans and commitment to each other giving you reassurance and confidence all is well.  Those of you born on the 6th may have a proposal coming your way!  
Single Scorpios may not be in the right mindset for finding love.  For you July is about loving yourself and making time for you!  Allow yourself to release any stagnant emotions you have been carrying around.  Ex-partners may be on your mind for a little while, but that is ok as it is all part of your healing process. Don’t hold onto bad energy from previous relationships, it serves you no purpose.  It is possible an ex that you have found difficult to move on from, gets back in contact with you as you go through this process.  If this is the case, you may have a psychic chord attached.  Psychic chords can attach us to old relationships and situations, these chords can stop you from moving forward and prevent healing.  If so, it may be a good time to have a chord cutting if possible.

In regards to your work, July is actually an extremely good month! Your head is full of ideas and you have super sharp focus and determination with you.  July is the perfect month for writing a business plan, driving any ideas forward and networking.  You have an air of authority around you and people will sit up and listen.  As said before just be mindful of your words. You can demand a lot of respect from your fellow colleagues if you remain diplomatic and respectful, even If they do frustrate you.  If it does get a little too much though, you may want to hide away from everyone and find some inner peace through meditation, yoga, or a nice stroll in the woods.  A little escape from fellow humans can at times be a wonderful tonic! Surround yourself with nature as much you can and try and do a grounding exercise each day.  This will help to settle any feelings of resentment and disappointment.

Signs to look for
Pisces’ energy will help calm you through July, they have a wonderful way of making you feel accepted, loved.   Being around water will be good for your soul as the energy helps with healing any old emotional wounds.  3 is a good number for you and the colour green will help rest your busy mind. Is there an animal that keeps popping up in your dream, crossing your path etc?  Your animal totem is presenting itself strongly around mid-July, so be sure to take notice and if you can. Research it, and find out what the message is for you. Your gut instinct is very strong in July, so be sure to trust it at every opportunity.