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Scorpio Horoscope For Sept 2020

Scorpio Your FREE horoscope for the month of September 2020

Relationship and career outlook and what is in store for you.


Month Overview

You will be pulled from pillar to post at the start of the new month. So its time to get on top of everything before then. Use your organisation skills, as you will be put to the test, the time you spent last month planning and unplanning will feel like a waste of time, but do not be put off. Take a deep breath and start again, get a schedule ready, you will need it. This month is a very busy one and you will not have time to think. Go with the flow, enjoy the new energy, and take on every challenge thrown at you. Reading this you may have thought its all work work work. But the stars are showing us that planning is key in all parts of your life. And at times you will not know who or what to prioritise, remember family comes first and the rest will fall in to line


Relationship, what relationship?! This month will be hard to give time for romance and love. But with planning and making this high on your list of “need” then you will find the time, sometimes five minutes can feel like a lifetime. Making those five minutes more import any the other 55 of that hour. The people around you will appreciate the small time you can give to them, it sometimes takes longer saying ‘I don’t have time’, then it can doing any task. Hugs can last a moment but be felt forever.

If you are single, make time to talk to others, again remember five minutes can last a lifetime.


Reassurance is key, make sure you are backed up by others and that they are seeing the job that you are doing. Do not be afraid of asking if what you are doing is what they are expecting of you, don’t run away with yourself, as what you think they want isn’t what they really want, ask, confirm, succeed.

Signs to look out for

This month you will find strange objects in random places, from umbrellas in trees, to coins down the loo. This is to show you that sometimes we all feel lost but are just waiting to be found.

“I lost myself waiting to find others, now I’m losing others trying to find myself. If they are meant to be with you, they will find you in the lost and found.”


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