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10 Most Common Signs From The Spirit World


When a loved one has passed to the spirit world, they will find almost any way of letting you know they are safe and at peace, but most of all they are anxious to show you that they are nearby, and can still give you help and assistance from the other side.

This article will give you 10 of the most common signs from spirit to look out for, so you know they are still watching over you from the spirit world.


We asked Psychic Medium Dean James Fox to give us direct insight in to how the spirit world gives us signs.


1.    Feeling their presence. 
That strange feeling like someone is watching or standing behind you. The moment you walk into a room and expecting someone to be there, but it’s empty.  

Reason: Our loved ones in spirit have the same energetic signature as they did on the earth plane; making their energy familiar and recognisable. 


2. Hearing their voice. 
Your name being called. Hearing the passed loved one in your minds’ ear. Knowing the answers to question before you have asked them.

Reason: Our loved ones spirit now existing on an energetic level. They do not have the humans body’s voice box, but by using a form of energy they can communicate directly with the mind “spirit to spirit” and some, not all, have the ability to manipulate the energy waves around us to manifest physical sound.


3. Small objects. 
Finding coins, feathers, and other small trinkets.

Reason: Most “living” people will only believe what the human eye shows them. Your loved ones are no longer physical, but want you to believe in them so they leave you love tokens.


4. Symbolic messages.
Seeing the same random numbers, letters or image time and time again.

Reason: Most of the time this is a coincidence, but your spirit loved ones will use this to their advantage by drawing your eye to it, making this a new sign from the spirit world. And sometimes they will wake you up, so you see the symbolic sign.


5. Sleep visitations. 
A realistic dream or visitation of your passed loved ones.

Reason: When we are at our most relaxed and our energy is still, it is easier for the spirit world to connect with our unconscious mind, showing us images, making us feel their presence, and being able to communicate directly with them, using all forms of energy to interact with us.


6. Signs From animals/insects.
Seeing Robins, Black Birds, Spider webs.

Reason:  It is unknown if animals have a stronger spiritual connection, but many believe they can communicate with the spirit world easier than we can. Sometimes it may just be a coincidence that you are seeing the same animal, but your spirit loved ones will use this to their advantage to show you it as a sign from them, simply by drawing your eye to it.


7. Object manipulation. 
The TV turning itself on and off. Lights flickering, children’s toys suddenly moving or making noise.

Reasons: Your loved ones in spirit have the ability to manipulate physical objects with the use of energy. As most of the items in our home have a power source, our loved ones can connect with this power to make it easier for them to give us signs.


8. Fragrances.
The smell of familiar fragrances. The feint smell of a hospital, or the sad smell of death.

Reason: We have a built in a memory box of smells and the spirit world can use this to evoke memory to show us they are nearby.


9. Songs on the radio. 
Turning your radio on and it is a song that reminds you of a loved one.

Reason: Most of the time it is not the spirit world that has made the song play, but  have used energy to get you to turn the radio on, at that exact moment. The spirit world have the power of using ongoing situations to show us signs, simply by drawing our mind to it.


10. Familiar sounds. 
You may hear dishes clanking, doors opening and closing, a chair reclining back, sounds of footsteps, or other similar noises.

Reason: These noises are not meant to frighten the loved ones who remain on the earth plane, but are an attempt to bring comfort to those who are left behind, to show you they are still live a life alongside your own.