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Danny Dyer, Passionate Sex, Cosmetic Surgery

Danny Dyer to have passionate sex, musical career and considers cosmetic surgery – Psychic, Cosmic Kat predicts. 

NAME Danny Dyer BIRTHDAY July 24th 1977 BIRTH SIGN Leo 

Danny Dyer is going to start the year feeling very confident about his talents and his work. In August I see him reading scripts, possibly for an upcoming musical he's going to star in. As a fiery Leo, I sense positive changes for him this month which he will embrace as he enjoys being the centre of attention. This is a month of action, vitality, increased energy and passion. I also sense him doing some work to teach and mentor others in August. 


In September, I feel Danny Dyer will be in a good place financially perhaps with more work offers coming in. This is a month of stability overall but I feel he may be feeling guilty about something that happened in the past. This is a month for staying grounded and I see Danny Dyer exploring meditation, yoga or breathing techniques to stay relaxed. 

October will be a month of hard work for Danny Dyer as he cleans up various areas of his life. This is the time when he'll be most productive and saying no to anything or anyone who stands in the way of his success. He'll be very efficient and able to get a lot done in a short space of time. He may have to enforce boundaries with certain people in order to achieve his goals. He might connect with a Libra or Virgo who will help him to reach his full potential - possibly a personal trainer, wellness coach or nutritionist. I sense a newfound interest in astrology in this month too.

In November I see Danny Dyer really focusing on his public persona. I sense a bit of insecurity, stress and instability but nothing he can't handle. He might invest in some minor cosmetic surgery or anti-ageing products. A younger air sign (libra/aquarius/gemini) may cause some problems for him this month. I feel he's going to be appearing on a lot of chat shows and will possibly be on tv in the US as well. 


In December Danny Dyer is going to be presented with a new source of income, investment or job. He may experience a minor injury this month but he will be well supported by his friends and family. He's really going to blossom as he makes the most of all the opportunities coming his way. 

In January there's going to be some anxiety and tension. He may have difficulty sleeping. I feel Danny Dyer's children are going to be testing his patience as he tries his best to guide them and avoid them making the same mistakes he did. He might struggle with self-discipline this month especially when it comes to healthy eating. I feel he's going to have quite a lot of dinner invites to fancy restaurants which will be too good to refuse.

By February Danny Dyer will be back on top form and pursuing his dreams and passions. I see him trying his best to make a project he's been working on for a while come to life. I sense him having breakthroughs and original ideas this month. His motto will be "haters gonna hate" as he defies his critics and walks his own path with confidence. He knows who the snakes in his life are and that the opinion of his friends and family is all that matters. I also see him getting into debates about religion this month. 

In March I see Danny Dyer establishing a new daily routine and learning a new craft. He's going to turn his attention once again to his health and wellbeing with a renewed focus on diet and exercise. He might also experiment with saunas and flotation tanks to relax. His sex life is going to be very healthy this month. He will show a great appreciation for his partner and be sensitive about her needs and wants. 

In April I see Danny Dyer chipping away at a long-term project and putting in the hard work and effort needed to make it a success. He might expand his online presence and invest in some new tech. I see a good work/life balance this month with the possibility of going out to clubs and spending more time with his daughter Dani. He's also going to be offering her advice for her own life and career this month. 

May will be a time of retreat and self-reflection for Danny Dyer. I feel he's going to be taking a break from work and will be enjoying some time at home with his family and pets. This will be a rest and a chance to recharge the batteries after a period of hard work. He may get some home improvements done during this time or consider investing in a new property. He should beware of drinking too much alcohol this month.

In June Danny Dyer is going to be enjoying a very happy home life. He might attend a family wedding or celebration of some kind. I see him making wise investments this month and getting his finances in order. He may feel restless and eager to get the ball rolling in certain areas of his life. A partnership or new collaboration with a Gemini could prove to be mutually beneficial.

Danny Dyer will end the year feeling empowered and confident about the choices he's made concerning the people he's put his trust in and chosen to work with. I sense he's going to bring out the best in those he's put his trust in. He should however be wary of bullies and not allow himself to be forced into making a decision before he's ready. In July he may feel overwhelmed as he reaches a crossroads with many different possible choices.