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How Do We Know If We Have Been Here Before?

Have you been here before? Is life regression a real thing?


Did you walk like an Egyptian? Dance as a flapper? Fight in a war? 

We would all love to know if we have been here before, and past life regression is becoming more popular than ever, so we asked psychic medium and past life regression practitioner, Martyn a few questions.


Q. What is a past life regression?

It’s about discovering if you have been here before, who and what you were, and how often you have returned, if at all. For this to happen, the sitter is put into a trance like or hypnotic state.



Q. What happens during a past life regression? 

The sitter is asked to sit in a reclining chair, or lie on top of a bed, making sure they are warm and comfortable before starting the session. They are then slowly hypnotised, but only to the subconscious mind. Once the sitter is in the correct trance like state, they should then be able to go back in time. It’s now time for the professional to ask the sitter questions as they relax in their own subconscious, asking them to describe what they look like, how they are dressed, what the room they are in is decorated like, who they are with, and if the sitter recognises anyone in the room who is perhaps from this life time. The professional then gradually takes the sitter to their death scene for that life. There is nothing to worry about, and if anything unpleasant occurred in that past life, they will not see it happening unless their subconscious mind knows that they can accept seeing it. and should not feel any pain. From there, we move on to past life number two, where the same procedure is followed, aiming to collect as much information as possible. The client is then gently brought out of their trance like state and back to normality.


Q. How far back can you go?

Right back to the sitter’s first time on this Earthly Plane, that could take three or four sessions, depending on the number of lifetimes involved.


Q. Do past lives bear any influence on our current lives?

Yes, they certainly can. Sometimes, things that have happened in a past life or lives will need to addressed, this will enable things to run smoothly in this life. For example, in a past life you were corrupt and got your money by devious or underhand methods, and the guilt has carried over to this life. Or, the sitter may have been in Religious Orders where they had to take vows of Chastity and renounce money.


Q. Who should I go to for a past life regression, and how can I make sure they are qualified? 

Check to see if they have a Certificate from the Psychic Healing Academy or somewhere similar such as one of the Hypnotherapy Institutes.



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