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How To Attract Your Soulmate, Love Spell

No matter how strange and different our world becomes, we will always dream of finding our perfect soulmate to share it with.  But how do we choose?  How do we find that person who is just right for us?  

Throughout human history and across all the cultures of the world, hopeful romantics have developed  different rituals and practices to help us in that quest, and whilst these are as different as the Halloween tradition of peeling an apple in front of a mirror to see the face of your loved one appear, to the Chinese tradition of using feng shui to attract the perfect relationship, we all want the same thing – our soulmate!


What do we mean by ‘soulmate’? 
To Mediums like myself, this has a very specific meaning.  Our Spiritual Guides tell us that our internal self – our Soul – lives eternally and comes back to have a physical life many, many times.  Each time, our Soul will encounter a close-knit group of others (our Soul Group) who will appear again and again in the important relationships that we will have – although not always in the same position!  For example, your brother this time might be your dad in the next, your mum might be your daughter, and so on.   This extends to significant people that come into your life too, such as your best friend, your teacher or mentor.   How you know you have encountered someone from your soul group is that feeling, when you first meet them, that you have known them for ages!  Of course, this is where your perfect Soulmate will also come from.  You and they will have been together literally forever, through many lifetimes, through thick and thin, and as soon as you meet, the spark between you, along with that deep down feeling of this being someone who really ‘gets you’ will tell you for sure that this is The One – not a perfect person, because none of us are perfect, but – the perfect one for you.

The LOVE Spell Ritual
So, with around 7.8 billion people on the planet, how are we supposed to find The One?  Well, the good news is there are things you can do to improve your chances of finding your special person.  Here are some to try.
The earliest known love spell that was written down is from 2200 BC, so we have certainly been asking for extra help to find our Soulmate for a very long time, although many ancient spells focus less on emotional love and more on the, shall we say, physical side of attraction!
Today, the magic of Wicca (white witchcraft) is still widely practised, and whilst Wicca is very strict about not trying to influence someone against their will, love spells can help you invoke the power of the Mother Goddess to bring your perfect mate to you.  Here is one to attract a new love into your life:
Casting The LOVE Spell Ritual
For this spell you need:
Three small candles; one red, one pink and one white
Rose Otto essential oil (or you can also use Geranium oil)
An ounce of salt
A sprig of fresh rosemary
A pure white plate or dish

Place the candles on a pure white plate or dish, in a triangular shape to represent the heart.  Light the candles, and sit calmly focussing on the flames for a few minutes.  When you feel your mind is quieter, first take the sprig of Rosemary and burn it in the candle flame, repeating three times ‘I cleanse my heart of past attachments, and awake to new love’.  Set the sprig aside safely.  Next, take the essential oil and add a few drops to the melted wax at the top of each candle, for each candle saying ‘with this essence of Mother Earth I ask for new and perfect love to come to me’.  Finally, scatter the salt in a circle around the base of the plate your candles are on, saying the magic spell ‘within this circle, seal my spell, my wish is bound and none shall tell, so from this day attract to me, my perfect mate – so mote it be.’   Sit quietly focussing on the flames and thinking of your wish for a few minutes more, then safely blow out the flames.  Remember, a Wiccan spell can take several weeks to work, so be patient!
Don’t have what you need? That’s ok, here is another ritual that only needs you!
The Law of Attraction Affirmation Ritual
The Universe is made up of very tiny atoms and everything exists because of the tiny electric pulses between these that create a vibration.  As a Medium, when I connect to Spirit I am simply raising my own vibration to match that of souls released from a physical body – and at the same time, this allows me to ‘tap in’ to what we call the Universal Consciousness.  This is like a huge cloud of all the thoughts, feelings and memories of every being who has ever had a life on Earth!  These all begin as a tiny impulse of electricity which grows bigger and bigger until it becomes a thought, and eventually becomes a ‘thing’ and makes something happen.
You too can tap into this Universal Consciousness to help find your soulmate.  How? All you have to do to attract your perfect Soulmate is – imagine you already have them!  Sounds easy, right?  

How to do The Law of Attraction Affirmation Ritual:
Sit quietly where you know you will not be disturbed.  Close your eyes, and focus on your breathing until your mind starts to quieten down.  Now, instead of trying to imagine your perfect Soulmate as a person, try to imagine the feeling of having found them.  Imagine how happy you are to know that they are at your side, that they love you unconditionally.  If you wish, imagine walking down the aisle to get married to them, knowing that you will be together forever, in this world and the next.  You may find you get emotional and even tearful – this is perfectly normal, as these are happy tears!  As you feel that feeling of happiness, notice that it sits, not in your heart, but in your solar plexus just below your ribcage, the place where you get butterflies in your tummy.  Still with your eyes closed, imagine a shaft of bright yellow light shining into you there, and as you do so, silently count to 20.   Then, whenever you are ready, open your eyes. 
Congratulations, you have just begun to bring your soulmate to you!  Repeat this as often as you can, as each time you do, the energy becomes stronger, and before you know it, your perfect Soulmate will be drawn to you – job done!

Spiritual Medim Sue