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The Amazing Super Power Of Angels

Do you believe in Angels? Can they help and heal us? And what are Angels?
We are asked Angel Guru, Spiritual Medium Sarah to give us her thoughts on the angelic realm.

Angels, Angels, everywhere, always listening way up high, always watching for the gentle candle flame to glow.

In Sarah’s Words.
I am lucky to work with Angels on a spiritual and mediumship level.  I have had proof direct from them over the years, some upon request, more when I needed a little hope to keep me going, and regularly when using my Angel cards to assist my Mediumship work.

What are Angels?

In my eyes there are four types of Angels:
1.    Archangels – Highest of the High
2.    Spirit Angels – Guides, family, friends, and energies within the Spirit World
3.    Earth Angels – Human Beings with gifts that help ALL society
4.    Animal Angels – Our pets and fur babies sent when we need them

Some have wings, others have a physical body, many have fur. It all depends on how you perceive the world, and how open you are to believe. Have faith in others, and trust that what cannot always be seen as a solid is really there.

I believe there is an Angel suited to every feeling, situation, dilemma, loss and grievance that we may experience and have to deal with in life. The difficulty we have is trusting and knowing who, why, when and where to ask for what we need help with. An Angel’s main goal is to guide you to your own happiness.  

Can anyone connect with Angels?

Yes, and there are many ways to connect with the higher levels through prayer, the power of thought, using crystals, candles or cards as a means of connection. 

How can we connect to an Angel?

I would like to give you a few simple rituals to help you connect to the angelic realm. Most people call to their angels when they need emotional support, so I have based the rituals on loneliness and tears, but there are many reasons to ask for support and guidance.

Ritual 1.  Angel Menadel – Angel of Fulfilment.

My first guided connection will be with the Angel Menadel and will be to overcome loneliness.
The best time to hold this ritual is after dark when all is still. This is when your feelings and emotions are naturally heightened.

I always use a candle when connecting with guardian angel Menadel; colour is important, so choose from the list below that is most suitable for you at this time:

•    PINK Candle = Love & companionship
•    WHITE Candle = Friendship
•    RED Candle = Re-connect with family
•    GREEN Candle = Animal companion
•    ORANGE Candle = Social, to join groups or a hobby
•    YELLOW Candle = To bring existing family & friends closer once again

Once you have chosen the candle colour. Make yourself comfortable in a safe and stable area.

Light your candle, close your eyes and count to ten. Whilst doing so, clear your mind from all your thoughts, except the topic of your loneliness. When you feel relaxed and you are ready say the following prayer:

Great Angel Menadel, please ease the pain, of being lonely and constrained. Help me and guide me to connect with ………… (Say your personal request here)

Repeat the prayer 3 times and as fast as you possibly can. Once complete leave the candle to burn out. I recommend repeating this once a week until you feel you are on your way to finding the resolve you need.


Ritual 2. Cassiel - Angel of Tears

My second guided connection is with Cassiel the Angel of Tears. This can be undertaken anytime of the day or night.

Holding a tissue stained with your own tears, repeat the following 3 times:

Cassiel Great Angel of Tears, please come to my side, help sooth this grief and hurt I carry that will not subside.

Once I have released my sorrow and my pain, can you help my tears to dry from my face once again.

Once complete flush away the tissue and keep repeating this ritual on a regular basis until you feel the support of this great Angel.

Have you used these rituals?

By following a similar ritual and Prayer to the ones above, every week for a couple of months I found my path to my Soulmate and from there, I now have two amazing children. Loneliness is definitely a thing of the past in my life.

I hope this helps you find your way to connecting to the higher beings and move forward to a happy and fulfilled life.
Love and Light, Sarah x



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