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What is Psychometry? Can objects talk?

Can watches tell you more than time? Can a gold ring reveal more than wedding day memories? Can spectacles help to see the past? We asked Psychic Medium, Patricia Milner all about Psychometry. 

What is Psychometry?

Psychometry is a phenomenon where a person can sense the past with touch. It is also known as token-object reading, where a person makes contact with an object to release its’ history. Objects have an energy field that transfers knowledge regarding its’ past. 


Every object from rings to tower blocks hold secret stories, and Psychometry is the key to unlocking them. People who use Psychometry can unlock the information held within an object.

Any object or possession has an energy field and aura that soaks up information, feelings and emotions that it experiences during its time. It only releases it when someone holds it and connects to it. In effect it’s a bit like the human brain, we learn and experience things and retain the information. 

Depending on the object, the story it holds can vary. If it is a piece of jewelry or clothing its’ story will be about the person who owned it, or if it’s been handed down then it is possible to pick up both people who had passed. If touching part of a building, the whole life of the building and anyone who walked through its’ doors will have left a lasting energy. Ancient artefacts would have a lot to tell about what it is, where it’s come from, and its’ history during its time before being buried. 

If you went and sat down on an old battlefield and placed your hands palms down on the grass you may be able to connect to the past and feel and see the battle in your minds’ eye. You may also be able to hear the battle, feel the emotions, see the blood and sense the deaths.

If you hold an object you may be able to feel an energy vibration instantly. It feels like a tingling sensation in your hands. The object may go hot, or cold, or even sticky. This means the object is beginning to release its’ information.

How do you do Psychometry?

Psychometry is holding an item and sensing what you are feeling and smelling, allowing images coming through even with your eyes closed. We all may have the ability to do psychometry, but it takes practice.

Try this yourself.

1.    Choose somewhere quiet to sit with no noise or distractions.
2.    Sit relaxed with your eyes shut.
3.    With your eyes shut get someone to place an object in your hands without saying a word. It must be something they have owned for longer than three months.
4.    Don’t panic, just be still and calm and let things flow. Don’t try to understand it. Just say out loud what you see, hear or feel. It may be just a colour to start with. The more you relax the more you will feel and see.
5.    It all may be strange and meaningless at first to you, but it may be important to the person who owns it, so don’t make judgements on what you get.
6.    It may take time, so take your time and let it flow.
7.    You will have to keep trying with different objects from different people.

After you have finished, write down everything that you sensed, felt, and saw in your minds’ eye, if you smelt anything like perfume or tobacco, or if you heard any words in your head. Try not to analyse the information as it can be like putting a jigsaw together and information can come fast in the beginning. With time and practice you can control how fast things come. The information can come in many different forms, so nothing is wrong. It depends on what information the object is trying to give you. Practice makes perfect. So don’t expect to be able to do it in one go.

Confidence comes the more you practice. Psychometry is a tool to use with your mediumship and psychic abilities. It can strengthen the connection with the person who has passed or the person you are doing a psychic reading for. I have used Psychometry for over 25 years and it never stops amazing me and my clients with the information that comes through.

Patricia Milner
Clairvoyant, Psychic Medium