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Beginners’ guide to using a pendulum

Ask and the pendulum will answer

For many years, people have used pendulums for confirmation on many things from, “will my unborn child be a boy or a girl?”, “should I leave my job?” and even “is he sleeping with someone else?”. But what is a pendulum, and can anyone use one? We asked Psychic Medium, Wendi to give us a ‘How To Use A Pendulum Guide’.


What is a Pendulum?

A pendulum is an object at the end of a cord or string that can be swung freely, either side to side or in a circular motion whilst you hold the top of the string or cord.  This can be a pendant, crystal, ring, or even a key - it doesn’t matter what the pendulum is made of.  You can buy a pendulum, or even make your own. 

What Can you use a Pendulum for?

Pendulums can be used to ask questions that can be answered with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. But once you become more advanced, they have many uses from locating lost items, to healing or guidance and much more. As pendulums tend to pick up on subtle vibrations, they can clear the body of negative energy and balance the mind, body and spirit. Also, pendulum objects can help relieve forms of pain whether emotional or physical.  Most commonly pendulums are used for answering questions that have a yes, no or unsure answer and in this ‘How to guide’, you will be shown a beginner’s guide to pendulums

Once you have chosen your pendulum, you may need to cleanse it if you have bought it or have been gifted it, I have done a “How To Choose Your Pendulum” and a “How To Cleanse Your Pendulum” at the end of this article.  

How to use a pendulum

Program your Pendulum

First you need to program the pendulum by connecting both energies and then set the pendulum rules. Start by holding it in your hand close to you, so your energy connects, then hold the pendulum’s cord, letting the object, your pendulum, hang free. 

Ask it to show you a ‘yes’ answer. The pendulum will either swing side to side or in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction, this then shows you what pendulum knows as a yes answer. Then go on to ask your pendulum, “show me a ‘no’ answer”, and it should go the opposite way to a yes answer. Then ask it to show you an ‘unsure’ answer.” You don’t have to ask the questions out loud, you can say this in your mind, as the pendulum knows what you are saying. Some people, including me, actually program the crystal rather than let it tell you i.e. I spin it clockwise and tell the pendulum “this is a ‘yes’ answer”, I spin it anticlockwise and tell it, “this is a ‘no’ answer” and then I move it vertically up and down and say, “this is my ‘unsure’ answer”. Either way is fine, you will know what feels best. Also tell the pendulum to listen to your voice only.

Using the Pendulum.

Once the pendulum is programmed and you have been holding it close to you for a while, you are now in a position to start using it. I like to test my pendulum with questions that I already know the answers to, i.e. is my name…? Do I have a dog? Am I married? This then gives you an indication that the pendulum is ready to use when it has started to give you the correct answers. Remember to ask only yes or no questions, and only ask what you truly want to know.   

What can you ask a Pendulum?

You can ask a pendulum anything. I always like to clear anything attached to the pendulum beforehand by swinging in a ‘No’ direction and waiting until it stops, then asking if the pendulum is clear to use for my highest good. It should swing in a yes motion.

When I started using the pendulum, I just asked questions and it was quite fun. Often future questions can be unpredictable as like any clairvoyant would say, there is always an element of free wIll. You do find that your intuition will grow and like me now, I tend to know the direction that the pendulum will go before it even starts.

When I ask a question, I have my elbow on the table, holding the end of the cord or string and let the pendulum swing naturally without me starting the swing. Do not be discouraged if at first it hardly swings or sometimes not at all. Often you may need to rephrase your question, especially if you get an unsure answer. Then you may find a definite answer is given. Also ensure that you are not stressed or angry as this can affect the pendulum’s response. Try to have a clear mind and also ensure you have cleared any energy attached to the pendulum first, so that you may receive an accurate answer. Always wait until the pendulum stops swinging before you ask the next question, or just say ‘thank you’ when you have received your answer and the pendulum should stop. This is to ensure that your next question is a fresh question, and not influenced by the previous question. For myself, I feel if the pendulum swings rapidly or in a big circular motion then it seems to be a good confirmation answer.

I now use my pendulum with charts that I have made and one of these charts is just a typical A to Z chart. I ask my pendulum if there is a message for me and if I get a ‘Yes’, then I ask if it will spell it out for me using a chart, again if I have a ‘yes’ I start to use my A-Z chart. This doesn’t work for everybody and obviously I am very spiritual and receive messages from my guides or family this way. Often the first few words makes sense but then it can be gobbledygook.
Always write down your answers as often the words being chosen on the A-Z chart may make sense later.

The best results I have had using a pendulum

When I was with a client doing a reading, she wanted to know the sex of her unborn grandchild, so I asked my pendulum would it be a girl? I got a clockwise swing which to me signifies yes, I then thought I would test the pendulum and asked if it would be a boy? Again, I got a clockwise motion signifying yes. At this stage we both felt it was unsure but then my intuition kicked in and I asked, “is it twins?” I received a ‘yes’ to confirm. Several months later my client messaged me to say healthy twins, a boy and a girl were born, which to me was a good validation of the pendulum answering correctly!

Not everyone likes the pendulum as a tool, but why not give it a go and see if you can feel the energies. All pendulums work with energy and they are very useful and powerful tools in manifesting and clearing past traumas, alongside quick answers to questions and finding lost objects!     

Psychic Medium Wendi            


Extra Information

How To Choose Your Pendulum.          

If choosing to buy a pendulum, take it in your hand and feel its’ energy or vibration, asking yourself how it makes you feel before purchasing. You can always test the pendulum asking a question, i.e. are you the right pendulum for me? To get the pendulum to answer ask it to show you a ‘yes’ answer, the pendulum will either swing side to side or in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction, this then shows you what pendulum knows as a yes answer. Then go on to ask show me a ‘no’ answer and it should go the opposite way to a’ yes’ answer. Then ask to show you an ‘unsure’ answer. Once you have the defining swings ask the pendulum “are you the right pendulum for me?”. You don’t have to say it out loud, you can say this in your mind as the pendulum knows what you are saying.

Cleaning My Crystal Pendulum.

I like to rinse and charge my crystal pendulums, just like I do when I purchase a crystal. I rinse mine under running water and leave on the windowsill in the moon’s energy overnight to charge. You can also cleanse the pendulum, by holding it under running cold tap water, soaking it in sea salt, or setting a mental intention to free it of possible picked up energies.