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Do you have to be a Witch to be a witch?

Is this all voodoo? and do you fly on a broom? 

Do you have to be a Witch to be a witch? Psychic Pascha gives us her opinion.

People often ask me questions about Spirituality. One of those questions is 'Do you have to be a Witch to be a witch?' That all depends on what you think a witch is. If your idea of a witch is Margaret Hamilton in the 'Wizard of Oz' then the answer is yes, and you'd better get out the stripy socks and green face paint if you want to be one.



What is a witch?

Some people think it's someone who casts spells to make things happen, makes lotions and potions and puts curses on enemies. Some think of witches as the nuns of the Pagan religion, who take part in rituals and ceremonies. Others think witches are evil people who are disciples of the devil.

To me, a witch is someone who is in tune with Spirit, Nature and the elements. Many people I know consider me to be a witch, because I can communicate with animals, I use a lot of home remedies passed down from my grandmothers to deal with minor ailments, I communicate with Spirit and have a strong connection to, and understanding of, nature. However, I do not perform rituals very often and I'm not part of a coven. I suppose I am a hedge-witch in that I connect with the elements alone rather than in a group. 


Sometimes I will perform a ritual or spell in order to effect changes. This is remarkably similar to using affirmations, meditations, or the Law of Attraction. It's a way of focusing on what you would like in your life and heightening your awareness of it. Some religions use chanting, Catholics use novenas, psychologists use cognitive behavioural therapy and yoga practioners use breathing exercises.

If you want to be a witch, then you probably are one, but remember the Witches' code; 'And it harm none, do what thou wilt'. This means what goes around comes around. Do what you want, so long as it does not hurt anyone. There are no rules for witchery, no set spells, no uniform, just what feels right for you.

Love, light and peas


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