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Has The Spirit World Opening Hours?

Is the spirit world like a pub, and needs ‘Opening Hours’? Psychic Pascha is Passionate about calling time on the spirit world!

As a part-time psychic, people often ask me if I am in contact with Spirit all the time. Good question. For many years, Spirit contacted me when they felt like it, which was chaotic and often inconvenient. I coped for a long time, but things came to a head when I relocated to Yorkshire in 2015. The day after I moved in, all psychic hell broke loose.


A friend from school died when we were 17. She visited me from time to time, but when I came back to Yorkshire, she was with me 24/7. It was exhausting and really quite frightening. Songs, visions, messages floated around my head constantly. Then the man who had lived in my house for 60 years from it being built in 1950, went into hospital with what would be his final illness. I had never met him, but found out about him later from my neighbour. Again, I saw visions and heard things constantly until the moment he died. It was a sunny day, a plumber had just fitted a water meter, and I was making a cup of tea when I heard a man's voice and felt someone come through the patio doors. Thinking the plumber had come back for something I turned round and saw a fleeting glimpse of an older man. I noted the time and went to my neighbour. I described what had happened and she showed me a picture of Bob. That was who I had seen. She rang his daughter who told us he had died in hospital at the time I had seen him, having told the nurse he was going home.

Meanwhile, disturbed by the constant contact from my schoolfriend, I tried to find someone connected to her via social media. I discovered a brother I didn't know she had, who lived in Australia, but was here visiting their mother who was very ill and depressed. I was able to meet him and let my friend talk to him through me. It was astonishing!

A few months later, I met Psychic Medium, Dean James Fox, and we got talking about these incidents. I noticed he took his ring off when he was working, and he told me that was his way of signaling to Spirit to come through. 'When the ring goes on, they leave,' he said. He said this was how he avoided being overwhelmed like I had been.

Following his example, I got out a special ring which my Nana gave me (she's my Spiritual bouncer!) and told Spirit that when I wore it, it would be the signal for them to come through. It has worked a treat and I would recommend you try using a signal too. I used to do chakra opening and closing, but obviously that wasn't working for me, and it was like I hadn't put the phone down properly after a call. My Nana always liked to eavesdrop to make sure she didn't miss anything when she was here - maybe she's worried I'LL miss something!
Love, light and peas,

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