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How to talk to your dead loved ones.

How to talk to your dead loved ones. Is There Anybody There? Psychic Pascha is Passionate to tell you all….

As a part-time medium, people often say to me, 'I wish I could contact Spirit like you.' When I tell them that they can, they say, 'Oh but I'm not psychic. I've tried.' 
I really do believe we can all communicate with Spirit, but our expectations get in the way. We talk to Spirit but expect clear, direct answers from particular people in Spirit, and become frustrated when inevitably that doesn't happen.

I have been open to Spirit since childhood. Luckily, I was never discouraged by the adults around me: they listened to me. Some accepted what I said, others thought it was a load of codswallop, but none of them said 'Shut up and don't be silly.' 


As children, we don't distinguish between dimensions and possibilities, we just experience things without analysing them. We are taught to believe that some things can't happen. We develop a personal agenda of wishing, wanting and desiring as we develop an ego - a sense of ourselves. Then we learn to analyse and interpret, so we put these obstacles between us and Spirit. By the time we understand what Spirit is, we are so caught up in what we want from it, that we can't recognise it.

For instance, we may say something like, 'Oh, Aunty Mary, tell me what to do about my job!' expecting Aunty Mary to appear as we knew her and tell us directly. Whilst waiting for this to happen, we miss a series of adverts for our dream job popping up in unexpected places, or a string of items in magazines discussing the very problem we have. We become so focused on what WE want, we miss what Spirit sends us. Even if we start to notice possible signs of Spirit, we question them to the point of dismissing them

'So what can I do?' I hear you ask. Try doing nothing rather than straining to see signs and signals. Try asking Spirit for help. Try to notice without overanalysing or explaining away. As you go to sleep, you could ask Spirit to communicate with you in a dream. If you dream, write down the details including any colours, sounds and smells you remember, then read through your notes a few days later and see what you notice. Does anything remind you of someone in Spirit, or have a particular significance for you?

You could ask for a sign that Spirit is with you, such as a certain scent or song in unusual circumstances. While on holiday a few years ago, I asked for a sign. The next day I was sitting on a beach when an old record which reminds me of my Nana and is not particularly well-known or frequently played, suddenly floated out of a cafe behind me. Another time, small white feathers appeared in my fridge, although I'm a vegetarian who doesn't eat eggs. I did start to analyse how they might have got there, but there wasn't a plausible explanation, beyond them being 'the sign'.
My message to you then is; accept anyone can communicate with Spirit, accept that YOU can communicate with Spirit, and accept that it won't be by means of a clear, sensible conversation!

Love, light and peas,


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