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Horror At Poundland's Ouija Boards

Ghost Hunters, Psychics and Mediums across the UK are outraged to find Ouija boards being sold in in the budget store Poundland

The paranormal community are advising people to avoid buying this spooky item that can "destroy people's lives" and "open you up to negative spirit interaction”.

Celebrity Psychic Medium Dean James Fox has also joined the campaign by encouraging parents not to buy the fun looking Spirit boards saying that “ I’m outraged to hear that spirit boards are being sold as toys for adults and children to play with. Spirit / Ouija Boards are not toys and should be treated with respect”.

Social Media is full of warnings from psychics, mediums and ghost hunters advising people not to buy the cheap paper spirit boards. With comments like

“this item is evil” “stay away” “this is not a toy”.

Many spiritualists will not use or own a ouija board. With the belief that even by owning one you are sending a  message to evil energies, that could result in poltergeist activity.

We are not sure if the spirit boards are labelled for adults only but Psychic Medium Dean James Fox says,"this is definitely not a toy and should only be used by adults, with an understanding of the spirit world.” And added “a spirit board can be an effective way to connect with the spirit world only if used correctly and should not be used as a toy.”

Poundland are reported to have said that the "spirit boards" are being marketed to adults only and have sold out due to their popularity. "While the Spirit Boards were marked for adults and were blocked from being only sold to children at tills, they were part of our extensive Halloween décor range this year in only around 90 of our 800+ stores.”

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