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The Real Truth About Ouija Boards

Are Oujia Boards safe?

Should we contact the DEAD?

We have been inundated by people wanting to know more about the Ouija Board, also known as Spirit Board.
“Will it bring evil spirits into my home?” 
“Can I contact my family?” 

but most of all “are they safe?”

We asked Psychic Medium Bernice for his advice.


If you are going to want to use a ouija board to contact spirit and let’s be honest, many people want to be able to have that one last contact, that last message or to know their loved ones are at peace in spirit. There are, many ways to do this but the ouija board is probably the first thing that comes to people's mind when wishing to connect to a loved one. So how do you make contact with a spirit using an ouija board? Well here are some do's and don'ts for those who are wanting to make fist connection to spirit.
It most certainly not a toy so don't use it in this way and the ouija board can be a very dangerous tool in the wrong hands! 

So here are some do's and don'ts to help you make connection to spirit safely.


Protection – I would recommend doing as many as the following as possible.
•    You must protect yourself and others before you start by saying a prayer which will protect your space while using the ouihja board you can say “Angels of light and protectors please surround us with your light and protect us from any negative energies that may wish to harm us, deflect any negative energies and please protect this space we thank you”.
•    Place a few quartz crystals around you to protect and deflect any negative enterties.
•    Make a circle of protection salt or crystals work very well.
•    Light white candles for protection and ask for divine spirit to surround you.
•    Burn white sage or incense sticks - this will also protect against negative forces.

When using the Ouija Board
•    Take your time with your questions, sometimes it can take a few moments to receive an answer from spirit.
•    Use the session in a positive way by using your intent for the highest good for all in the room.
•    Record the session on a voice recorder so you can refer back to the session.

At the end
•    Finish the session by thanking spirit for working with you and tell them the session is now over and say ‘good bye’.
•    Close the ouija board with a closing prayer such as “ divine spirit we thank you for working with us today and helping us to connect to the spirit realm. We ask for healing for all who have made connection today for the greater good”.
•    Cover the board after use with a silk cloth, so the spirit world know you are not wanting to connect.


•    Do not use alcohol or drugs! Spirit see this as a sign of disrespect.
•    Do not use the board if you are tired or feel drained.
•    Do not use the board when you are in a bad mood or have negative thoughts, the board will reflect your feelings and also bring the negative spirit if they feel any bad or negative emotions from you.
•    Do not use the board for self-gain, the ouija board is a communication tool not to improve your life only hard work can do this.
•    Do not use the board alone always work with 2 or more people.
•    Do not use if you are under 18 simply because if you connect to a negative spirit you may not realise this until it is too late.
•    Do not invite a spirit into your home in the session this can cause real problems.
•    Do not leave the planchette on the board after closing the board always keep it separate from the board so no spirit can use the board.


Final words from Bernice

The ouija board is not a toy. When using this tool of connection you have to be warned that negative spirits will pretend to be a loved one just to get through on the ouija board and then will be free to roam! Always demand the name of the spirit you are talking to and  if it doesn't give you a name command it to leave the session close the board down.


                           Your Angels will always protect you, Bernice.


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