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How To Safely Use A Ouija Board.

In this article you will find.

  • A brief history and description of the Ouija Board
  • How to use a Ouija Board also known as Spirit Board.
  • Basic Do’s and Don’ts when using a Ouija Board.

As the cold nights draw in, and with Halloween just around the corner, both children and adults alike can be interested in the Ouija or Spirit Board.  With a history dating back over 200 years, they have been used as a tool to connect the Earth Plane with the Spirit World by generations throughout history.  The Ouija Board is documented as being first used by Mediums following the American Civil War in 1890, as a means to connect their sitters with their loved ones who had lost their lives during the conflict.  They have continued to fascinate us, and can often be seen in films and literature – our fascination with them has not waived.  

Traditionally, a board displaying the alphabet and numbers zero to nine, as well as the words “yes” and “no”, allowing its’ users to connect to spirit to spell out messages as well as answer questions.  

We asked Psychic Medium David for a simple “How to use a Ouija Board” guide to help you to understand how to use one safely and what to expect. 

We would always recommend having a medium or someone with paranormal experience when using a Ouija or Spirit Board, They are not toys and should be treated with respect.

How To Use A Ouija Board.

Make sure you have everything you need; the Ouija Board, a Planchette (or alternative) and that everyone is comfortable and fully understands what they are doing, and what each person’s role is. 

Once ready, everyone involved should protect their energy by visualising a bubble around them to keep them safe from any negative energy or spirits.   You can also call on spiritual beings such as Angels, ancestors or guides to protect you.

One person should then bless the board by asking out loud that only positive spirits come through and make contact through the board, and that there are no negative spirits or energies allowed to come through.

There are many different styles of board that can be used, from homemade, traditional to branded and themed. It is down to personal preference of the user to decide what style of board that they are comfortable with using.

A Planchette is a device that is used to highlight the letters, numbers or ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers on the Ouija board to communicate the messages from the spirit or energy that is connecting with it.  Planchettes are usually made of wood or plastic with clear area set in it so that the letter, number or answer that it moves over can be viewed. If you do not have a Planchette, a clear drinking glass can be used instead. 

Everyone should put one finger on the Planchette and together move it in a clockwise circle to build up an energy connection between themselves and the board.
After doing so, everyone using the board should then lighten the touch of their finger so that they are still connected to the Planchette, but not pressing on it hard enough to seem to be able to push on it, as to influence its’ movement intentionally.

To establish a connection with a spirit, one person should ask out loud if there are any spirits that want to communicate with the group through the Ouija board.
Some people may want to connect with a particular person such as a friend or family member.

Asking for a specific person to connect and pass a message through the board may result in that occurring, but the chances of it happening may not be that good as the person in spirit may not have anything that they want to communicate at the time, or may not have strong enough energy to influence the movement of the Planchette on the board.

Asking a more general question such as “Are there any spirits here that wish to communicate with us here right now?” may have more chance of a connection and interaction as it invites any spirits in the location to connect through the board.

When the Planchette begins to move it is common for the people using the Ouija board to react excitedly and dramatically by loudly exclaiming their surprise or taking their finger off the Planchette. This is to be expected as it is quite a strange and different experience to have, yet it can distract from the intended result as the focus is taken away from the message coming through. This may lead to the connection being lost as the energy is disrupted, so if possible, it is better to keep the attention on the message being given so that it can be completed. If a message does start to come through let the Planchette move to where it wants to go and try to be patient. It is good to bear in mind that if a spirit does come through it may not have done so before and even if it has, it may have not done through a Ouija board before, so the spirit itself may be learning how to use it and that may take time. Be patient. 

If the Planchette moves but to nowhere specific, start a conversation by initially saying something like, “Hello, thank you for talking to us, can you tell us your name?”.  After asking this, wait for a response, and then if you get one continue the conversation and maintain the energy.  

If the Planchette moves to “goodbye” or stops moving and it feels as though the spirit has gone, say “goodbye” and “thank you” then remove the Planchette or glass from the board. This will sever the connection that was made to the spirit energy.

Important Things To Remember.

Always use a Ouija board in a group so that if there are any problems someone else is there to help if needed.

Ouija boards should not be used to intentionally connect with evil energies or spirits so that everybody using the board stays safe from harm. 

All spirits that connect through the Ouija Board, should be treated respectfully. It can take a lot of energy for a spirit to connect and interact with the Ouija board so for the spirit to have made the effort to do so, should be treated with gratitude.

Using a Ouija board can be a thrilling experience and it should be enjoyable but also approached with common sense.

Love and Light David.

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