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How To Visualise Your Spiritual Aura

May the force be with you! The knowledge of our own Energy, 

Auras are like a signature, each as individual as the person they surround.

The aura is an electromagnetic field of energy that fills and surrounds the human body. This energy is also known as Ki.


The aura typically comprises of the seven colours of the chakras within the body.

•    The crown Chakra is violet coloured and located at the top of the head.
•    The third eye Chakra is indigo coloured and is in the middle of the forehead just above the eyebrows.
•    The throat Chakra is blue coloured and located in the throat. 
•    The heart Chakra is green in colour and is located in the centre of the chest. 
•    The solar plexus Chakra is yellow in colour and is located in the centre of the body between the chest and abdomen. 
•    The sacral Chakra is orange in colour and is situated in the lower stomach. 
•    The root Chakra is red in colour, is situated between the perineum and coccyx.

The size of the aura can fluctuate. Some people naturally have an aura that expands very slightly beyond their physical body. This can be caused by the person being emotionally closed off and having a very private life in which they withhold personal information from others. It can also be caused by the person having low levels of Ki energy within their body.

Some people naturally have an aura that expands far beyond the physical body. This can be caused by the person being emotionally open and having a very public life in which they openly share personal information with others.
Spiritual practices such as meditation and learning how to absorb and release Ki energy as well as being able to open and close the chakras can enable a person to control the size of their aura.

Being able to see the colours in an aura and how vibrantly they appear can enable a person to determine if they need to make adjustments to improve the health within a certain part of the body or take action to improve their emotional wellbeing.

The colours of the aura can fluctuate in visibility and strength of colour depending on the state that a person’s chakras are in.
If a person has emotional issues arising from experiences of unstable or unhealthy relationships, their aura may have weak elements of red, orange, yellow or green colours within it. 

If a person partakes in spiritual activities that create a strong connection to higher frequency energies through their crown chakra, their aura may have a strong element of violet colour within it.

If a person partakes in spiritual activities such as psychic mediumship that regularly utilises the third eye chakra, their aura may have a strong element of indigo colour within it.

Many people that have a strongly developed ability to use their third eye chakra have abilities to see auras.  I personally see an aura as a distortion in the air around a person, similar to when looking through a glass of water where the environment is transparent but has substance. The colours are not physically visible to me but my sensitivity to subtle energies enables me to sense the colours within the aura.

Others are actually able to see physical colours within the aura. There is a practice that people who may not have a developed third eye chakra can partake in to see auras. This is done by having a person stand in front of a white wall. The colours of the aura become prominent and visible to the person looking at them due to the contrast with the white surface behind.

Another method used to see auras is aura photography. Using a computer that is connected to a camera, monitor and a plate made of metal that the person being photographed puts their hand on, the person’s aura can be detected and displayed on the monitor. The metal plate detects the electromagnetic field of the person touching it and the computer translates the frequencies of the electromagnetic field as colours. The camera records the image of the person touching the metal plate. The combined image is then displayed on the monitor, showing the visible colours of the person’s aura around their body.

The energy of a person’s aura can sometimes be felt as well as seen. You may have experienced or heard of getting a “vibe” off somebody that was felt was good and comfortable to feel or bad and uncomfortable to feel. A similar situation that you may have experienced or heard of is when even though someone else says that they are fine you know that they are not because you feel that something is wrong.

Whether you feel, see or just know its there, the human aura comes from deep with in you. With many believing its our true spiritual energy,

Written By David Oliver. 

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