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Wear Your Spiritual Crown Chakra

Wear Your Spiritual Crown By Opening Your Heart To Chakras

What are Chakras?

Chakra simply translates as Wheel in English. Chakras are perceived as points on the body that tangibly interact with electromagnetic energy known as Ki. This energy is considered to be the life force that flows through everything. There are many chakras in the human body but there are seven main ones that are focused on in Western culture. The seven chakras are perceived as wheel shaped and lying horizontally within certain locations in the body.


The seven main Chakras

The crown chakra is violet coloured and located at the top of the head. It is linked with connection to spiritual energy and information.

The third eye chakra is indigo coloured and is located in the middle of the forehead just above the
eyebrows. It is linked to clear thoughts and seeing beyond the physical world to enable
understanding of spiritual experiences.

The throat chakra is blue coloured and located in the throat. It is linked to communication and
expression of ideas.

The heart chakra is green in colour and is located in the centre of the chest. It is linked to love,
compassion and affection.

The solar plexus chakra is yellow in colour and is located in the centre of the body between the chest and abdomen. It is linked to confidence, will power and self-belief.

The sacral chakra is orange in colour and is situated in the lower stomach. It is linked to emotions
and related concepts including sensuality and creativity. A commonly known sensation related to
this is having butterflies when excited or nervous and having a “gut” feeling.

The root chakra is red in colour, is situated between the perineum and coccyx. It is considered to be
the “root” that connects a person to the Earth and helps them to feel grounded. It is linked to trust,
fear and emotional security.


Can you focus on your own Chakras?
The most common practice that is used to focus on connecting to and gaining knowledge of chakras is meditation. The aim in meditation is to observe but not engage with thoughts in the mind creating positive sensations of calm and relaxation. Initially focusing the attention on simple sensations, such as the feeling of air entering and exiting the body as slow, deep, breaths are taken, is a good practice to learn how to be comfortable in a meditative state. With further practice a person can learn to understand and change the state of their chakras by visualising them and feeling the energy transmitted from them. The visual concept of chakras being “a wheel” can be used when focusing on them during meditation this can help you picture them more easily.

Healthy chakras are viewed as a wheel spinning clockwise at an even, medium pace, with perfect balance. Negative experiences or life choices can create what are known as blockages or imbalances in chakras. If a chakra is blocked, it can show as spinning slowly or off balance. This displays that a person is experiencing issues with emotional or physical health related to the chakra. For example, if the root chakra displays these elements, the person may feel distrust or insecurity towards people or situations in their own life or may have an illness or problem in or around their organs in that area of their body. Concentrating attention on healing these kinds of issues during meditation can make a positive difference to them, or point out an illness that can now be monitored and reported to a doctor if needed. 

Is my Chakra too small?
 The normal size of a chakra is three to four inches in a grown adult. It is possible to learn how to open and expand the size of chakras which can enhance positive experiences and wellbeing. Through a procedure known as an attunement, trained practitioners of a therapeutic practice called Reiki, which translates as universal life energy, learn to control the openness of their chakras and channel Ki energy to transmit to other people. When directly transmitting the energy to a person, it is channeled through the crown chakra through to the palms of the practitioners hands, which are then placed on or near the chakra points of the recipient.

Do I need to visit someone about my Chakras?
As a Reiki Master and Teacher. I learnt how to be able to practice Reiki on people in same room sessions or over long distance. As Ki energy flows through everything, a professional should be able to connect with it and practice this technique, no matter where they are in the world.

Love and Light, David


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