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The Real Truth About Mediumship

The Journey of a Spiritual Medium

Life as a medium is not all sunshine and roses, it’s a hard road to walk, but worth the journey.


I am writing this article based on my own spiritual beliefs and how these beliefs helped me on my mediumship path.
Most of us attempt to begin our mediumship journey by trying to reach out to touch, feel, see, and hear spirit. Understandably we often try to run before we can walk and more-often than not, we are impatient when making the connection to the spirit world. But, as we move further into our spiritual development, we begin to realise it makes much more sense to start our mediumship journey by exploring our own spirit/soul within. 


When we learn how to connect to our own inner spirit, it makes it easier to consciously communicate with the spirit world. By having insight into ourselves, the more intuitive and easier the connection becomes. Spirituality resides inside of us and the understanding “that we are spirit" is a fundamental part of communing with the spirit world. 

Without this connection to ‘our spiritual self’ it is harder to communicate and connect to the spiritual energies. This is because we end up working largely with our own physical and psychic energy. This earth energy is not as powerful as spirit power, meaning we cannot hold the communication for as long or as strong as we would like.  

When you truly work with spirit, the connection is a circular one, a three-way process.
From the spirit world to our spiritual self then passed to the recipient and back to the spirit communicator. All without using our personal earthly and psychic energy.

The stronger our faith in our own spirit/soul, the stronger our discarnate spirit connection will be.
Over the years while sitting in spiritual learning circles for my own development I have seen many talented ‘naturally’ gifted mediums that I really admired, and not ashamed to say, slightly jealous of come into a circle rise up and start working quickly. Stepping on platforms in churches and start working at private events in a very short space of time. Then they just seem to just crash and burn. After a short spell of working for spirit they just disappear, never to be heard of again.  They lose confidence, or think that the responsibility of working with the bereaved is too great.

Working with and for the Spirit World, we will have excellent services, mediocre services and not so good services, until we let go of our ego. Every time we work for Spirit, they are teaching us something or trying to, and just when we think we have it covered it, they will change the rules and change how they work with us.  This is when we know whether our trust in spirit is enough to remove our own ego or whether we think we know better.

Let me give you an example of when I was the medium at a service in a spiritual church. In the middle of the service when I was giving a message to a member of the congregation, Spirit showed me elephants, just elephants nothing else, I desperately tried to interpret it. Had she sponsored an elephant? Been to the zoo? Visited Africa? What were Spirit trying to tell me? Nothing felt right, but I didn’t dismiss the information, I moved my ego out of the way, trusted the information Spirit were giving me and asked my recipient “why on earth are they showing me elephants?”. She was thrilled and said she collected elephants, had them all over the house and she thought it was excellent evidence that her hubby had come through and proved his survival. This taught me a great lesson. We do not need to know the meaning of the message, it’s not for us, the medium. Her husband was giving his wife the evidence, and it was none of my business. The information was between my recipient, and Spirit. I was/am just the facilitator.

This lesson and a few others taught me to move out of the way to suppress my ego and trust in spirit. After letting go of my ego, my mediumship and my evidence improved beyond boundaries. I step up to Spirit now with the confidence born from experience, experience that can only be gained through years of learning, listening, and eventually trusting that spirit know best. I was told many times by more experienced mediums and circle leaders that it takes at least five years to become a good medium, I thought that was excessive, after all, if you can communicate with spirit that’s the job done isn’t it?. 
Fortunately because I love learning and always like to be more than just competent at things, I did a lot of studying, attending workshops, and then finally started teaching others mediumship, which is really the best place to learn anything. I found you really do learn more through teaching than you ever can as a student. 

I realised that communicating with the Spirit World was only part of my job description, the part of spirit I had to develop was my own spirit. I had to learn how to sit with someone who is grieving without being intrusive. I had to separate myself as far as I was able, from their grief. I remember being taught very firmly that it is not my grief, it’s not my loss, although that does not stop you from caring. We cannot carry around all the grief that we encounter.

If we cannot separate our emotions from our client’s, we will become emotionally exhausted. I have lost one or two excellent students who could not handle the responsibilities of giving messages and seeing people distressed. They had so much to offer and could have brought so much comfort to the bereaved if only they could have remained emotionally separate and realised that healing can never take place until we have cried for our loved ones who have passed over, and by assisting in this process we can bring some comfort and use our gift of healing.

For myself I have come to believe, that part of being a medium is inevitably feeling inadequate a lot of the time.

I always remember going to do a private reading for a recently bereaved widow, she was so distressed that whilst driving there I was hoping and praying that her husband would come through for her. I was so pleased when he drew close as a really a strong presence, I described him for her, his build, his hairstyle, his personality, his love of dancing. I was thrilled with the information he gave me and so grateful to be able to give his wife the evidence that he had not left her, that he was still very much present.

 At the end of the reading she just asked me “why didn’t he say thank you for the bench we have just had inscribed at his favourite place?”.

I must admit my ego was gutted!!! This is why some mediums stop practising, they start working too soon, before they have developed the inner strength and the outer shell needed to do this job properly. We must ignore our ego and know that ‘our spirit’ is working for spirit and that has to be enough.  
No matter how hard we try or how close we bring loved ones, we will always be inadequate, because while we can sometimes bring some comfort, we can never bring their loved ones home physically.  This is one of the reasons we must work hard to strengthen our inner spirit so our own spirit becomes stronger than our ego, only then can we truly work for the spirit world.
I wish all practising mediums and all blossoming mediums love and light and the strength and love to find joy and bliss in their vocation.            

Love and Light
Lynne. X                                                                                            


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