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The Secret Power Of The Number Three

Three is a Magic Number

I love three.
May the “three” be with you.
1, 2, Three, it’s as easy as A, B, C. 


As a part-time medium, people often ask me which numbers are lucky for the Lottery. They ask me about numerology and whether their house number is good or bad. I don't know, that's not my remit, but what I CAN tell you is that 3 is a magic number, as De La Soul have been saying since 1989.

Three is the smallest number needed to make a pattern. Our senses recognise the pattern of three before we are even aware of it. This is partly because culture primes us to notice threes, but that started because the brain searches for patterns to create meaning, just like a computer.

Three is important in all areas of life. Most religions have a triple god - the Holy Trinity in Christianity, the Trimurta of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva in Hinduism - witches follow the Three-fold Law, and other spiritual paths including Islam and Judaism feature threes prominently. Jesus is said to have died at 3pm and resurrected on the third day...

In science, there are three primary colours, angles have three corners, and triangles are the strongest structures. Humans see in 3D, and there are three life stages. Art uses the Rule of Thirds (foreground, horizon, distance), literature has the 'beginning, middle and end', and folklore is full of threes (the three Furies, three Graces, three Bears, three Billy Goats Gruff!).

Numerology, whether Egyptian, Babylonian, Sout American or from the Indus Valley believes three is powerful, and we see its psychological power every time we see an advert or watch a programme on tv: the Rule of Three says words, images and shapes have most impact in groups of three, as they are easy to remember. The government used three-part slogans during the pandemic for that reason, and that's why 'a Mars a day helps you 1 )work, 2 )rest, and 3) play'. Designers use threes in displays in shops, gardens, EVERYTHING! Traffic lights are a great example of Three, and don't forget to 'Mirror, signal, manoeuvre' before you drive off at the green light (the third of three colours), in a car with three pedals...

Three creates the beginning of a spectrum which allows for change to occur, rather than the 'either/or' of two. A mathematician or physicist could tell you a lot more about how the number three is how the Universe started, but your brain would melt before they finished (that happened to me, anyway).

In speeches, three points will persuade you to take notice of the speaker, but four will make you suspicious of them. Churchill's 'Never, in the field of human conflict...' speech remains in our minds because of its use of threes in 'so much,  by so many, to so few' part. So, Stop, Look, Listen next time you're out and about, and spot the threes around you. It's a magic number.

Love, Light and 3's.

Pascha x


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