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We All Have The Power To Breathe Colour!

We all forget to breathe from time to time, but did you know that the air we breathe is full of bright wonderful colours? No? Nor did we, so we asked Patricia Milner to tell us more.

Breath is the vital force that sustains life. The very air we breathe is full of brilliant light and colours. The practice of colour breathing in a rhythmic way of breathing and visualisation of the colour rays coming from the sun's life force. While absorbing large quantities of pure air can raise our bodily vibrations, which in turn encourages vitality and a healthy mind and body. 

Colour breathing has been used successfully for centuries for health and healing so support the both the body and the mind. 

Here is an example of the Cosmic Coloured Breathing Techniques you can try for yourself.

When practising the following techniques always remember to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Cosmic Purple Breath

This breathing technique will allow you to go walkabout into the universe. It is a splendid way of harnessing life's energy force of breath to move you into the celestial realms. This process of breath control encourages you with each expansion and contraction to move more fully into this life, allowing you to stay in the moment.

Stage One; In Breath

1.    Lie down and focus on your own natural breathing, imagining the air filled with violet-purple.

2.    Hold the next in-breath and explore the space where you have stopped. Dare to
Step forward into colour, if only for a few seconds.

Stage Two: Out Breath

3.    Release your breath and on completion of expelling the air, wait in this place and see where your mind leads you, before you fill your lungs again.

Brilliant Rainbow Oxygenation Breathing

This is a life-enhancing technique that is believed to increases the purity of the blood through breath. It can be practised at any time, anywhere and incorporates all the rainbow colours of brilliance into the system. Before starting, focus on a clear quartz crystal, a diamond or even a glass of water to encourage the brilliance to penetrate the psyche.

1.    Sitting or lying down with the shoulders relaxed, fill your lungs with a full breath.
2.    Holding the breath, slowly count from one upwards and see how far you can go before you have to release the breath.
3.    Repeat the exercise three times in a row and arrive at your maximum number. 

The desired count to reach is 50, to fully energise your system. But do not despair if you only attain a low number. We are all different and should reach a number that we are comfortable with, Practice the technique once a day and continue for life, so that you are constantly recharging yourself with life's supreme, brilliant balance. This Colour breathing techniques can infuse you with new life and vigour.

Golden Breath of Trust

Use this process to see how trusting you are of the universe. When you can trust, you can surrender yourself to the delights of the cosmos. 
Many believe that this technique shows that somewhere along the way you have lost faith in life, maybe as a child experiencing disappointment, shock, or criticism. The subconscious eventually learns never to trust the universe to supply the next breath.

Take a full breath in and release it. Note if the breath going out is shorter than the breath taken in. If it is, then it shows that your subconscious needs healing, and has a tendency to grab the next incoming breath quickly - just in case the universe forgets.

The Golden Yellow Remedy

This technique will enable you to surrender to gold's delight and success, by releasing past fears and hurts. Visualise an exquisite golden haze that colours the air you breathe. Each time you breathe out, consciously extend the out-breath, encouraging it to lengthen. Pause for four counts before you begin a new intake of breath. You may experience fear - or even panic - but realise you are now in control.

Daily activities can be enhanced by incorporating coloured breathing. Choose the appropriate colour, allowing the air around you to be filled with it,. Take deep breaths in, hold the colour for a second and release it. As an example, turquoise breathing can be used to steady the nerves before entering a meeting, or for that important interview. Think pink into your breath when faced with a difficult situation. All colours can be used to help ease the daily trails of living.

Our own breathing is a constant reminder of our connection to the living world around us. We just forget to breathe.

Patricia Milner  

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